Free Scary Horror Mobile Games on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store

Free Scary Horror Mobile Games on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store Free Scary Horror Mobile Games on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store

Friday, March 1, 2019


DERE EVIL EXE has been nominated in the 15th International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA Global). The IMGA is the longest standing and highest regarded mobile games award program started in 2004. 

“Nominees like DERE EVIL EXE highlight the new standard of creativity and the emerging quality of the productions found in mobile gaming”, said Maarten Noyons, founder of the IMGA. 

DERE EVIL EXE is a celebration of the creative freedom that indie game developers have. It is an original marriage of multiple genres and caters to fans of platforming, single player adventures, meta storytelling, visual novels, and horror games. The story is inspired from a young gamer’s fears; a game about playing something you aren't supposed to. The story was crafted to reflect the kind of horror people pass on, the kind of story gamers will tell each other while camping late at night while waiting for the monsters to spawn. People connect with the game. Be it because of the nostalgia, the level of trolling, or that unshakable feeling of dread in your childhood as you figure out how electronic glitches happen. This, coupled with its unique take on platformer puzzles, the ever evolving gameplay as the levels progress, and the innovative take on meta storytelling, makes for a Grand Prix award-worthy experience players won't soon forget.

As a nominee,  DERE EVIL EXE is also eligible to win the People's Choice Award, which is voted online by fans across the globe. From now until March 14th, 2019 DERE EVIL EXE fans and gamers can cast their votes at

Winners will be announced on March 19th, 2019 during the highly anticipated IMGA ceremony, which will take place at the Minna Gallery in San Francisco.


  1. Im so happy for you guys and girls that made all this games come to life in such a creative, innovative games the latest being, I think, inspired slightly with Icey over that phone call but Im saying this without having checked when either games were made.

    I loved the latest iteration Dere Evil Exe and I will love Im sure all the previous games made with glitches or not so as long it isnt unplayable in someway.

    Im so happy all the efforts of all the people who contributed on each game including Dere Exe Evil have made you reach the Mobile Games Awards 2019. :) :D

    To reach that point nominated is an honour as developers.
    I'll be cheering for you and will vote for you!

    I'm super excited till the sequel to Dere Exe Evil, the Dere Exe Vengance!
    Please make it as good as possible as it can be but dont "kill" yourself working too hard as youve got to rest too.
    But when you come to work give it your best and then rest as best too.

    Thank you for the experience of Dere Evil Exe. Ill watch out for any more easter eggs who have portions of story hiding beneath a mini game like derenoid who goes to a link and another link which widens the plot.
    As far as I know the only having that is Dere Exe.

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