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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Ren'Py vs TyranoBuilder Part 1


One of our directors, Frances Daphne Ayala, is working on a visual novel game for iOS and Android. It will be a thriller horror game set in the AppSir Universe. It features suspense-filled decisions and multiple endings. For this project, she'll use either the Python-based Ren'Py engine or the Javascript-based TyranoBuilder engine.

We will prototype our project using both Ren'Py and TyranoBuilder to determine which is the best visual novel engine AppSir, Inc. should use going forward. We shall base our decision on the following criteria:

PRICE. Ren'Py is free while TyranoBuilder is priced at US$14.99 on Steam with occasional discounts. Will TyranoBuilder justify its price point by having features that its free alternative does not? 

EASE OF USE. Some of Ren'Py fans have argued that the scripting they use is simple enough and that TyranoBuilder's drag and drop editor is unnecessary. Others argue that they were more able to make visual novels much faster on TyranoBuilder than they ever did with Ren'Py. Which one will allow us to finish our games faster?

EASE OF EXPORT TO iOS & ANDROID. AppSir, Inc. does not have a Mac. We are Windows PC users for life! We export our games to iOS using MacInCloud's basic US$30 plan, which means our inability to install software and lack of access to Admin rights on our Mac. This could mean that the exporting process for either software might give us problems. Preliminary research suggests that both programs require multiple complicated steps to publish on iOS and Android platforms. Which painstaking process will be easier?

MOBILE PERFORMANCE. Will Ren'Py and TyranoBuilder support multiple resolutions for mobile? Will the games from either software be resolution responsive or will they be letterboxed? Will games built on either program be free from lags, glitches, and other performance problems? Will we be able to implement ads in TyranoBuilder?

SPECIAL FEATURES. Some have argued that TyranoBuilder is okay for those wanting to build basic visual novels, but complex visual novels are better off made with Ren'Py. Others say that exclusive features such as Live2D make TyranoBuilder superior. We want jaw-dropping visuals for our visual novels. Which one will provide us with these capabilities?

We'll publish Part 2 of this article as soon as we answer these important questions. Stay tuned!

AppSir Should Have Started in 2011


Back in 2011, I've been posting about wanting to make mobile games and apps.  

If I had started then with the same intensity now, we could have been worth millions (of Philippine pesos) now.

My friends, who I ended up starting AppSir, Inc. with this year, would've been already primed and ready six years ago.

Me and Martin Josef Abella Yabut were classmates for our BA Psychology course and we had conversations about apps dominating the future.

Maryan Duritan, my grade school bud, was already making complex flash games in early 2012.

Me? I had a couple of websites and a Youtube channel I launched in 2007 (even before PewDiePie started his channel) with some vids having 12,000 views I never bothered to monetize.

Take note that these were all before 'the rise and rise' of Facebook and Friendster was still in. We had an early advantage.

If I had uploaded Youtube vids consistently since then, I would have rode the waves of Youtube's rise at the time PewDiePie only had 60k subs. If I had monetized that, and used the audience to promote my games, things could have been different.

If I had started publishing games then, I could have put my game in the App Store where they only had about three hundred thousand apps in at the time.

Just getting your game in with a keyword like "action game" would've gotten it huge profits.

I knew I could have done it. Why didn't I follow-through? Why did I just keep posting about it and didn't take action?

My mentality was "I'll get to it eventually" and "maybe it's best I start on it next year". I also had my mind on a lot of things in the present. College stuff, looking for a good job after I graduate, and so on.

Made me 6 years late on chasing my dreams. I should have talked to people, let them know I'll need a lot of me-time to invest in 'tomorrow'. Should have sacrificed some of the present opportunities to go for the bigger fish in the future.

Thankfully, I met Frances Daphne Ayala. Meeting her gave my life a new direction. I knew I had to put my life in order if I want her to spend her life with me. I eventually started AppSir because of her. I'll tell about that story in another post.

The dream is much harder to chase now. The App Store is saturated. Youtubers are popping up everyday.

Will we find a way to work around it? Yes. No doubt. We have a game plan. But, now we have a lot of time to make up for.

Lesson? Don't wait until tomorrow to start chasing your dreams. Life goes faster than you think. Time is cruel and unforgiving. Life is too short to wait. Opportunities don't wait.


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