Free Scary Horror Mobile Games on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store

Free Scary Horror Mobile Games on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store Free Scary Horror Mobile Games on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store


Accomplishing the dream of most youtubers, Alex Einstein announces she will star in an upcoming mobile game built on Buildbox called TUBER EVIL.

The trailer and announcement video made by Alex Einstein shows the horror-filled world of the AppSir Universe Lore. Alex will star as herself as the main protagonist of the game. The Illuminati has been haunting Alex since she was forced to play the AppSir Game Monument Rush 2. AppSir has posted a teaser trailer of TUBER EVIL on their Youtube Channel:

After the trailer was released, Alex made the announcement to her fans. "Basically this is a game that has been in production for the longest time ever and I am finally able to talk about it. I have always wanted to be in a game. Now, I actually get to be in a game," said Alex Einstein.

"This game was made by the exact same guy that made Monument Rush 2 which is a game I've played a really long time ago on my Youtube Channel, which is about me being chased by the Illuminati because they wanted my eyeballs."

Darius Immanuel D. Guerrero, President of AppSir, says that there's a reason why Alex Einstein was chosen as the main protagonist for his next game: "There was a contest that whoever had the highest score in Monument Rush 2 would star in a game. We couldn't identify the winner because he/she hasn't come forward to claim the prize. We've always planned that the next game would star someone special. Though Alex hasn't won the contest, she has shown the eagerness to star in an AppSir game. She was one of the first Youtubers to support our indie games and we want to fulfill her dream. The video she made also fits into the AppSir Universe Lore which made integrating her into the story of the games a lot easier for us." 

TUBER EVIL has set its release to February 2017, if all plans go well. The story will feature Alex Einstein trying to survive as the Illuminati attempt to inject the Proxima B Parasite in her to turn her into a Nobody, which is a masked bioweapon that appears in Monument Rush 2.

Alex Einstein could either turn into a villain, or save the day. There are multiple endings to this game, but only one will be canon in the AppSir Universe Lore. "Every AppSir game is tied to the other, and that the bigger picture will be revealed in the future. Tuber Evill is the second knot," Guerrero explained.

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More information about the game can be found on the official website: http://www.appsirgames.comFacebook and Youtube Channel.

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