Free Scary Horror Mobile Games on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store

Free Scary Horror Mobile Games on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store Free Scary Horror Mobile Games on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store


The AppSir Games Universe Lore revolves around games AppSir has published and Nothing to Hide, an anti-stealth game created by Nick Liow (the demo can be played here). The games depict a world of extreme government-sanctioned surveillance using triangular devices called the iEyes. Thoughts and private conversations of each citizen are publicly posted on The Wall, a supercomputer that stores, gathers, and analyzes citizen surveillance data. With the government banning ownership of all personal devices, The Wall also serves as the "smartphone of the state," a device shared by its citizens.  Every citizen is observed by iEyes, and immediately shot with darts if they go out of sight. Through intense marketing and propaganda, citizens are made to believe that only criminals go out of sight of the cameras as only criminals have something to hide.

Nothing to Hide features the story of Poppy Gardner, estranged semi-clone of Alex Einstein and adopted daughter of a powerful U.S. politician, as she decides to run away because of the way the discipline-obsessed world is straining her relationship with her father. The pressures of the upcoming unsecret ballot has forced her father to stage every aspect of her life, ordering her to fake smiles for the cameras around her 24/7.

She eventually meets Nobody, an AppSir developer who managed to delete his public information and escape the wall using an app he created. Poppy decides to delete her information as well, finally attaining the freedom she has spent her whole life longing for.

But the organizations behind The Wall eventually tracked Poppy and Nobody down. Taking advantage of the fact that Poppy and Nobody are off the public grid, the organizations took the opportunity to subject the two to the state's mind control program initiative.

With Poppy breaking down and Nobody losing his mind, the two once again plot their escape. Only Poppy was able to make it out, and Nobody was used as the subject for the "Proxima Parasite Project." The Proxima Parasite, an alien life form discovered during explorations at Proxima B, was injected into Nobody. The parasite took control of his brainstem and reorganized his DNA, giving him inherent strength, power, and ability to perform dangerous tasks assigned to him by the organizations. The Proxima Parasite was also used to transform simple lizards into huge reptilian biological weapons.

As revealed by leaked audio casette recordings, the organizations used data from everyday observations to program iEyes with the ability to efficiently kill its citizens. The organizations were planning on reducing Earth's population and ruling the planet under a single government. Two years after Poppy's escape, the organizations unleash killer iEyes and biologically enhanced soldiers and monsters.

In the events of Monument Rush 2Poppy sought refuge in the Philippines where she met a powerful man augmented with AppSir nanotechnology as characterized by cape-like red tissues flowing from his back. They must stop the organizations before the rest of the world is destroyed.

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