Free Scary Horror Mobile Games on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store

Free Scary Horror Mobile Games on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store Free Scary Horror Mobile Games on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store



From its HUMBLE BEGINNINGS to its massive REBRAND, AppSir has evolved into an extraordinary mobile games publishing and development entity with a growing catalogue of mobile games available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Meanwhile, Martin was reminding Darius about the importance of establishing AppSir’s culture. He explained the importance of capturing the positive authentic culture already shared from within the team. For decision-making and behavioral guidance, AppSir’s core principles and values were put on paper:

EVERYONE MATTERS. It is the foundation of AppSir’s passion for innovation and strive for excellence. Collectively, everyone shall foster a positive and collaborative environment where every member is given an equal opportunity to contribute to AppSir’s vision.

TRUST EACH OTHER. Allow each member to independently pursue their tasks. Provide opportunities for members to excel in their own respective fields. Appreciate their commitment, skill set, and efforts. Each person, man or woman, young or old, tech savvy or tech impaired, has an inherent capacity for greatness.

BE YOU. Openness and honesty are highly regarded traits in the organization. Each person may express themselves in the proper manner, form, and with respect for every other person without fear of retribution.

APPRECIATE FEEDBACK. Collaboration will never be complete without meaningful feedback. Continuous feedback is an opportunity to increase self-awareness and improve one’s skill set. We do not define people based on their mistakes and shortcomings, but on what they do afterwards.

STAY LOYAL. Everything starts with the belief and loyalty to our purpose. Never lose sight of the reasons why we joined AppSir. We shall remain loyal to who we are.

IMPROVE EVERY DAY. Every day is an opportunity to learn. Do not restrict yourself to your current skills and interests. Try things before dismissing them as “something you can’t do.” Learn by doing. Go out of your comfort zone, push your boundaries, and unleash your untapped potential.

ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST. With AppSir, good is never enough. Never submit work that you know you can do better. Always raise your bar.

MAKE AN IMPACT ON THE WORLD. AppSir provides us meaningful opportunities to engage people on a global scale. Our games and other technologies allow us to inspire, inform, empower, and/or entertain. Everything you do counts.

After writing down their shared culture, the team realized where they want to go NEXT.

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